Sebastian Rzepka

Hello !

My experience as an Art Director comes from many years spent at Warsaw’s advertising agencies. I participated in diverse projects directing outdoor and studio sessions, coordinating model shoots, documenting film backstage and many others. I gained the experience of set design and learned to navigate through digital photography processing and colorization.Adobe Suite became my second language, allowing me to push my images to a maximum, moving from sketch to end product.

I completed photo projects for OTO Film, Lucky Luciano, Starcom, Grandes Kochonos and cooperated on numerous sessions for Polish as well as international brands including: “Zwykłe Życie” magazine, Hansa wear, BOB Bornonboards, Boris Kudlicka with partners, Milka, Envelo Bank, Kenwood, Kujawski, Plus, KFC, and Huawei (member of the team - photography for social media/digital/backstage; KTR 2019 - Silver for Production Excellence - OTO Film “Fisherman & Intro” Huawei Mate 20 Pro).

My whole life I have been wandering off the main road to finally reach a decision to make the off-road my new path. Burned out by corporate deadlines I am regaining strength through realization of personal projects. A short break, sound of a shutter, and I am running again. I will continue to run, chasing that perfect photograph, and when that frame is captured, I will pursue the next one. Pure adrenaline, ADHD personified.

In my work I try to reflect reality as I perceive it – positive and dynamic, full of energy. I find opportunities in the rain instead of waiting for the sun. I make the most out of time regardless of conditions.